This charity project started at the beginning of 2015 with the goal to give a job opportunity to local girls willing to grow in the tayloring business.
Part of the funding is invested in the “Alto Garda and Ledro Missionary Group” for the expansion of the “San Jerome” Sewing School, which is within the premises of Tosamaganga Orphanage, Tanzania.
The project is run in collaboration with the Teresine Sisters, a Tanzanian Order in charge of managing the Orphanage and the Sewing School.
Our Atelier is located in Iringa , middle-south of Tanzania at 1500 m on sea level, a town with 113.000 citizens and 3 Universities.

These are the girls I am working with for the making of “Jacaranda made in Tanzania” collection:

Georgina, myself, Cecilia and Aida.

Here below you can see Joice working on our accessories, adding that touch of color which only the Masai can create!

The collection is sold in Iringa, at the B&B “Mama Iringa” where there is a small Shop hosting various charity projects operating in the region, in several Holiday Resorts of Zanzibar and in Italy during the summer months by the street markets of Trentino Alto Adige Region, more precisely in Trento, Arco and Bolzano.


Many are the people supporting this project, among these two Italian friends who are professional dressmakers and have helped me out with the making of the first collection’s prototypes which I have brought with me in Tanzania and used for showing/teaching the quality standard to my Tanzanian collaborators.
The photo shooting was made by Elena Ciurletti, in collaboration with the Makeup Artist Francesca Douce and the top models Nalia Das Dores Agostinho, Danise Parisi and Giusy Tomasi.


Elena, Francesca and me.

And to all of you my followers and supporters, along my path in many ways, who give a chance to my Tanzanian collaborators to professionally grow and find better opportunities for their future and to support the building of the Sewing School.


Soon the new 2016 collection will be published, please stay tuned and follow the blog!!



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